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Our Programme


18 to 36 months old

We provide a diverse form of learning through play for toddlers to explore and discover. Our playgroup classroom has a secure environment for the children to explore their abilities.


Activities focus on strengthening a child’s gross motor skills and life practical skills are conducted using suitable apparatus. All activities are customised to the children needs, age and learning abilities.


3 to 4 years old

Investigation and exploration is the core of learning for the Nursery class. Play is an essential part of our curriculum because it stimulates curiosity, language, problem solving, mathematical thinking, cooperation and endurance. It also enhances positive self-esteem, autonomy and individual values.


With our play to learn motto, the children can develop their skills and knowledge enthusiastically. We encourage progression at individual pace, in which itself becomes the stimulant that drives the child.

Kindergarten 1

4 to 5 years old

The children in Kindergarten I class commence the primary stage of preparation for structured learning. We provide a well-rounded learning environment for the children to expand their minds to new possibilities.


At this stage, the children are exposed to appropriately structured integrated learning programmes and schedules. We make learning fun through play to encourage beyond learning.

Kindergarten 2

5 to 6 years old

We understand that your child will soon be entering primary school with a range of expectations on a child’s academic fulfilment. Hence, in Kindergarten II, we strive to pave the child's road with the stepping-stones required for primary education. Most importantly, to love and enjoy the process of learning.

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