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Our Philosophy

Our programmes are continuously linked, staged into different age groups to cater to your child's progress. It revolves around our core philosophy - Active Communicative Teaching ("ACT"). 

ACT is an approach centered on your child to encourage beyond learning. Nurturing a child’s learning capabilities is our ultimate aim. This involves learning individually, in small groups & large groups. We pioneer the method by:


  • Understanding your child
    A learning adventure tailor-made for children through attentive observation.


  • Cultivating your child’s abilities
    Our educators engage the children in learning activities to encourage exploration and discovery. This approach motivates fun of learning whilst being academically focused.


  • Happy, Fun and Safe Learning Environment
    A child’s opinion matters; they decide their learning plan and we, the facilitators, implement it to our best ability. Creativity and imagination are the key for exploration with fun activities. Such approach allows growth of a child’s mind, nurturing well-rounded character.

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